SketchUp 5 Architecture Library

SketchUp 5 Architecture Library 1.0

Adds architectural accessories to Google SketchUp 5
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Bonus pack for SketchUp 5 adding a library of 3D architecture and design related models including doors, windows, sofas, tables, etc.

Google Sketchup Architecture Library is one of the several available Sketchup Bonus Packs to use with Google Sketchup. With this component you access to multiple 3D models of architectural accessories to design your house of office. Just to name some, you’ll find sofas, windows and doors, laptops, illumination accessories and many more. For those who don’t know what Google Sketchup is about, let’s say a couple of words of it.
This tool is oriented and developed for the concept design stages and allows you to create, see and modify 3D models right from your ideas, without taking too much of you to use the tool so you can think in your designs instead of thinking about how to draw them, just as you were drawing with your hand and pencil.
The Architecture library, like the others libraries available, is free downloadable from the Sketchup’s web site. What you get is an executable (.exe) file to run on your computer. A wizard will guide you through the simple and easy process of installation. Once you finish, all you have to do is add the library to the Components dialog box of the Google Sketchup. To do this, just click the “Details” arrow and select “Open or Create a library…” option on the pop-up menu. A dialog box will allow you to browse your disk. Go to the Components folder on the Program files -> Google -> Google Sketchup 6 path, and select Architecture.
After adding the library, you will see it listed on the drop down text box on the components dialog box. If you choose it, lots of models will be shown for you to pick up whichever you like. After selecting one you will be able to edit some characteristics of the component. Have fun!!

Juan Morán
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  • Free to download and use
  • Easy installation
  • Tons of time saved


  • Not included in the basic sketchup
  • No automatic refresh of components dialog available
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